Innovative Thinker Software Solutions does offer custom-fit software.

What is Custom-Fit Software?

This allows the client to define the system according to their requirements and acceptable to their policy and procedures. The custom-fit software is a unique software solution which is usually designed based on the client preferences.

Our Custom-Fit Softwares

Project Reporting Innovations for Monitoring and Evaluation - A Geographical Information System (PRIME@GIS)

The PRIME@GIS is a monitoring and evaluation software providing the user tools in monitoring activities, grants and scholars as well as generation of different kind of reports.

PRIME@GIS also offers a geographical information system capable of:

  • Locating universities reached by the program,
  • Scholars
  • Research grants
  • Activities
  • Presenting spatial or geographic data               
The system also has dashboards which collates information from data entered in the system.
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