“The system the ITSS developed help systematized our loan processing, billing and recording of collections and posting, recording and summarizing our accounting transactions. 

Also, the system was in accordance with our existing by-laws and manual of operations, deviation from our rules can no longer be manipulated.”

Felicitas A. Evangelista
Accountant IV - DEPWSLAI


AuditPal Accounting System with Savings and Lending System is an integrated software that provides lending companies, cooperatives and other related industry to manage savings and loans and has a direct link to accounting without human intervention. The system manages collections, withdrawals, loan transactions, distribution of dividends and accounting transactions.

The system is designed to accommodate companies/organization’s accounting needs and to facilitate individual subsidiary ledgers and lending transactions. An integrated system which automatically generates an accounting entry from savings and lending transactions.

Integrated AuditPal Accounting System with Savings and Lending Subsystem Key Features

Stand-alone and Remotely Accessible

May work as a stand-alone program, as well as in a network environment, accessed by several users simultaneously.

User Definable Fields

Can be setup to handle a user-defined fields.

Comprehensive Reports

Can be setup to handle comprehensive reports.

Security Audit Trail

Built-in security system that categorizes user accessibility, an audit trail feature that monitors who updated what and when.

Exportable Reports

Able to export all reports to excel or word document.

Integrated with Savings and Lending System

The system is integrated with savings and lending system.

Completely Integrated Accounting System

The system is a completely integrated accounting system.

Financial Statements Anytime

Generate your financial reports at any given time.

Built-in Financial Analysis Tool

Compares financial reports.
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