“AuditPal has been useful in recording financial transactions and in generating the financial reports necessary for the management in monitoring and auditing the financial condition and results of operation of the organization as well as its individual projects.

The system is capable of maintaining separate records and reports for the organization’s general funds and for its individual project.  It facilitates as well the consolidation of all financial statements.”

The AUDITPAL Accounting System is a complete Accounting Software providing the user, core accounting functions from preparation of source documents to generation of different kind of reports. 

The AUDITPAL is a short name for “Auditor’s Friend” which depicts that the system is friendly not only to the users but also to all who reviews its data. Using the click and expand mechanism, AUDITPAL can give the auditors an easy way of reviewing data from summary, down to its source.

Several versions of this accounting software were made and most of them were customized to address the specific needs of the user (company/organization).
Create and maintain separate books of accounts per projects being implemented and generate consolidated trial balance and other financial reports.

Create separate books of accounts and reports per company. Can handle departmentalized income and expense report, annual financial plan (budget vs actual expenses). Consolidate financial reports if the company belongs to a group of companies (i.e. holding company).

A basic accounting for small, medium enterprises.

AuditPal Accounting System Key Features

Stand-alone and remotely accessible

May work as a stand-alone program, as well as in a network environment, accessed by several users simultaneously.

User Definable Fields

Can be setup to handle a user-defined subsidiary ledger.

Comprehensive Reports

Able to generate more than 80 reports, both detailed and summarized with option to define date ranges.

Completely Integrated Accounting System

Enter source documents information and the system automatically update the subsidiary ledgers concerned, as well as general ledger. In some modules such as Petty Cash Voucher, replenishment is automatically linked to Cash Disbursement Voucher.

Security Audit Trail

Built-in security system that categorizes user accessibility, an audit trail feature that monitors who updated what and when.

Exportable Reports

Able to export all reports to excel or word document.

Financial Statements Anytime

Generate your financial reports at any given time.

Built-in Financial Analysis Too

Compare financial report by month or by quarter.
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